Who Made the Rules Part 2

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What exactly do you mean by "automatic force of reality" here? It doesn't seem to be a logical necessity that the enemies of God (or even those who just don't see any reason to believe he exists) should have to eventually cease to exist. So how is this "automatic force of reality" not a limitation of his alleged omnipotence? Isn't God supposed to be able to do anything which doesn't imply a contradiction?
Sure but having your cake cake and eating it too is a contradiction. By that I mean God can't have a moral universe and make everyone be a robot. "moral" means one chooses of one's own free will, but chooses the values of the good. So no free will, no moral choice, no moral universe.

That implies that there are consequences to choosing wrongly. Those consequences have to be allowed if the wrong choice must be allowed. the wrong choice must be allowed if we are to have a moral universe.

If God said 'Ok I'll just let everyone in no matter what they have done and how they feel about it" then where's the moral nature in that? Now evil is rewarded along with good? Or suppose he did that now all the evil people live forever, but they have to punished, hence eternal conscious torment. which is more humane and loving? you expect to cease to be anyway right? that's the consequence of believing there's no God isn't it? What are you complaining about?

Why, for instance, couldn't God have arranged it so that his enemies would end up in a sub-universe of chocolate and marshmallow for eternity instead?
It rewards evil choices. Why shouldn't people who choose evil have to embrace the consequences of their actions?

God is the basis of being. reject the basis of being you rect your own existence. It's just gravity. like stepping off the cliff.