Arguments From Religious Experience

(1) The Trace of God (From Religious Experience as God Correlate)New

This argument draws upon my book (see side bar) and the 200 studies I used in it to show that religious experience is like God's finger print upon our lives, the Trace of God.
(2) The Thomas Reid Argument (from Epistemic Judgment)New
Under reconstruction
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(3) Argument from universal nature of mystical experience.New

Empirical studies show that the kind of religious experience known as "mystical" is universal. The names and doctrinal ideas are different but the experiences are the same. Yet the experiences should not be the same since religion is cultural. Religious symbols are cultural. Atheists have countered this argument by saying that religion is genetic, but there is no basis for saying that religion genetic.

Supporting Material:

The Empirical Study of Mystical Experience*NEW*
Written for Academic Journal gained interest at academic conference. Summarizes the major arguments of my book, explains the M scale and defends the argument again Brain chemistry/structure argument.

The Empirical Study of Mystical Experience part 2*NEW*
The rain chemistry objective answered,including universal structure of human brain, and tie
breakers examined.

Essays and Arguments Defending my Religious Experience Arguments***
The articles on this page are supporting materials defending the studies that are the basis of these three arguments: Defense of M scale and other methodological defenses of the studies in my book that I use to back up my religious experience arguments.

Atheist Propaganda and Religious Experience; Answering Daren Brown
This guy claims to induce religious experiences through suggestion.

Answering the Brain Structure Argument
This has specific application to the universality argument (#3) but it might be used against all Experience arguments.

 this issue relates directly to my book

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