Suma Contra Atheism

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Why Atheists have no Ears

Is Atheism One Gene Away from Defeating Religion? New

Suma Contra BayesNew
Refutation of atheists using Bayes as a tool to disprove Christian beliefs.

Atheist's Greatest HitsNew
Standard arguments atheist always make such as ECREE and Scotsman, Default, God is complex, Omnipotence contradicts omniscience, Euthephro dilemma.

Atheist bait and Switch: The Illusion of The Empirical New!
This is essentially an argument against the resurrection using theory
in psychology "cognitive dissonance.," But my arguments give it a broader

Why God Allows Pain: Answering Draper's evidential argument*NEW*

Answering J.L.Schallenberg: non resisting unbelievers are not an
argument against existence of God  *NEW*

Against Infinite Causal Regression

Major Contradiction at the Heart of Atheism

Truth by Stipulation

Traces of God:Answering Reverse Design Argument
Version 1, answering the basic argument.

Reverse Design Argument

Version 2: answering the specific version of the argument from an atheist on CARM.

Answering Atheist Argument on Non Cognativism
The allegation that God concepts are meaningless

who made the rules? (issues atheists bring up on the atonement and consequences of sin)

Psychological Motivation for Atheism: Bad Self Esteem

Some Atheists Think Belief in God is Special Pleading

Atheist Spin on Prayer: Controlled Studies vs. Empirical Miracles

Outrage and Incredulity: The Charge of "no Evidence.

List of Atheists Converted to Christainity

Review and Deubuncking of Lawrence Krauss's A Universe From Nothing.New

Occam's Razor Shaves Multiverse (can't shave God)New hyperlink on Metacrock's blog.