Scientific Issues

Limits of Science part 1

Limits of Science part 2: what science can't answer
that Religion can Answer.

Limits of Science part 3: Things fall Through The Cracks.

Laws of Physics: Beyond The Prescriptive/Descriptive Dicotomy (1 of 3)>New

Debunking the Atheist Fortress of Facts Part 1
One of the major rhetorical devices the atheist use is the "fortress of facts,"
we have a huge pile of facts and religion doesn't have any. This article shows
that concept is ideological and not scientific.
Part 2

Scientists Extrapolate From DATA to Make Arguments
answering atheist slogan "we don't want arguments we
want facts."

Prayer Studies: Atheist Propaganda on Prayer Studies: Double
Blind vs. Empirical.

Studies do not disprove prayer. They can't control for outside prayer so no
study is good for disproving prayer. Empirical study is better suited and that
proves Lourdes.

Bogus Atheist Social Science

Religion did not Oppress Science
Review of James Hannam's Genesis of Science and other Books that
Challenge Atheist View of Science Oppressing Religion.

Review of James Hannam's book: Gensis of science

 A book by Cambridge-trained Historian that proves that religion never persecuted science.

New War Between Science and Religion?
New atheist can't accept the peace between
scinece and religion.

Is Science one Gene away from Disproving Religion?
Claims of a religion Gene and what they mean for belief.