Miracles and Supernatural

The Marian Library Newsletter No. 38 (New Series) Summer, 1999
"In the last one hundred years, over 6,500 individuals have reported cures to the Medical Bureau. Of these, at least 2,500 cases are considered truly remarkable, but they lack some requirement needed to allow them to advance to the next stage--witnesses, evidence, lack of agreement on the nature of the ailment. In the last twenty years, there have been reports of about twenty cases of extraordinary cures or healings, about one a year. Mr. Bély's healing is the 66th cure occurring at Lourdes which has been officially recognized by ecclesiastical authorities. The recognition by church authorities has been a feature of Lourdes for a total of sixty- three years of its history."

Historical evidence for Miracles
a medical historian search Vatican archives

Medical historians agree Lourdes cures inexplicable
Published in a peer reviewed leading medical history Journal

part 2: A Medical Historian Searches Vatican
Medical historian Jaclyn Duffin finds evidence of miracles
and resurrection searching the Vatican archives. The Empircal
Supernatuarl is not about miracles but mystical experience. Yet
there is evidence that "supernatural effects" my include miracles.

part 3: Medical Historians examine Lourdes Miracles.
In peer reviewed academic journal, medical histoirans find Lourdes
miracles still unexplained.

The Empirical Supernatural: The Original Concept part 1 New and Revised
supernature is not unseen realms and magic powers but he transformational effects of bleief.
Part 2*NEW!*

part 3*NEW!*

Empirical Evidence of Super Natural*NEW!*

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