Nature of God and Theology proper

What Makes one  a Liberal Theologically: re-visiting the Credo
Three major issues that mark my own self identification as a liberal;
diversity in liberalism, the way atheists try to use liberalism as a tool ti intimidate.

The "Bible God:" The Depth of Being
Atheists only pick out the villifying passage about God
ignoring the depth of insight the ancients had: this article shows
the Tillich version of God as "Ground of being" in the OT. 

Ground of Being as the Source of Consciousness
This is an argument that Tillich's concept of the ground of being
is not necessialry dvoid of the notion of God as conscouis or as
source of consciousness.

Hans Urs Von Balthasar, Being and Love.
Hyperlink from Metacrock's Blog. Balthasar is one
of hte most interesting and brilliant theologians of the
20th century. A Catholic mystic who wrote about God
as Being itself much as did Paul Tillich.

Evolution of The God Concept part 1

Evolution of the God Concept part 2

How do we know God is not Evil?

Do God's Omniscience and Omnipotence Contradict? new

Occam's Razor Shaves The Multiverse 
Occam's Razor applied to the Multiverse, this arguement also
proves the Razor can't be used against God. (Cross indexed
with Suma contra Atheism)

Was Paul Tillich Anti-Supernatural?
This is an answer to atheists on CARM who claimed that I
don't understand what I'm reading in Tillich.

 Frederick Scholeiermacher
this is cross indexed on God arguments (rational warrants) page.