Welcome to the Religious A Priori. This site is a Christian apologetics website. It is an intellectual defense of the Christian faith. Follow the guide words above to sections dealimg with each subject.

This is not a blog it is posted on a blog but I want it to be treted as a static site.

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Joseph Hinman's new book God,Science, and Ideology ($28.11) Exposes the false science behind atheistic criticisms of belief in God as Unscientific.--Joseph Hinman.

“[T]hese detractors from religion illustrate the use of reductionism and its ideological assumptions in their work. . . they trade on the assumption that our mastery of reality through the physical sciences is so exacting that we can rip God out of heaven and hold him up to the light, and he will disappear in a puff of disillusionment. . . . They claim to disprove something that can’t be disproven using the methods they rely on.”

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