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this page is back under construction while I work on adding three new arguments.
(1) Three arguments based upon religious experience.New

Three independent arguments for God based upon religious experiences and empirical scientific studies: (a) from God Correlate; (b) Epistemic Judgment (the Thomas Reid Argument); (c) from universal nature of religious experience.

Empirical studies show that the kind of religious experience known as "mystical" is universal. The names and doctrinal ideas are different but the experiences are the same. Yet the experiences should not be the same since religion is cultural. Religious symbols are cultural. Atheists have countered this argument by saying that religion is genetic, but there is no basis for saying that religion genetic.

(2) Hartshorne's modal argumentNew
Hartshorne translated the ontological argument into S5 modal logic and made t one the strongest God arguments.

(3) Cosmological ArgumentsNew
My own argument, supporting material, more CA arguments including Samuel Clarke's, Koons, and a couple more of mine.

(4) An Ontological Argumemt from the Nature of Being Itself

(5)Argument from Transcendental Signifier*NEW*

Abductive argument based upon the nature of 
metaphysical hierarchy.

(6)Argument from Laws of Nature and Physics*NEW* 
update of "fire in the equations.(Doxa)

(7) fine tuning

(8) God on the Brain innate religious concept

(9) Argumemt from religious a priori