Essays and Arguments on my Religous Expericne Arguments

My Religious Sources on Religious Experince
about 200 studies and other articles that show religious experience is good
for one and is not mental illness or anything pathological.

The Empirical Study of Mystical Experience part 1 This is a summary of the major arguments on RE written to be published.

the Empirical Study of Mystical Experience 2: Brain Structure objection Answering arguments on brain stiruucture such as mystical experience is a natural result of human brain structure.

The M Scale and The Universal Nature of Mysticism
A grand explaination as to the key to all my religious experience
arguments. Who is Ralph Hood, what is the M Scale, why is it important,
How do we know it works? The Major issue the universal nature of
religious experience and why it proves the existence of God.

Defense of the M Scale
The Mysticism Scale (M scale) by Ralph Hood Jr. Of U Ten. Chattanooga
is the primary research instument for determining if one has
had a true mystical experience or not, that is crucial to being
able to show the results of having such experiences.

Katz vs. Hood: Defending the M Scale
a philospher named Katz opposses Hood's M scale and
all common core thinking. This is an answer to his arguments
advanced by atheists on CARM.

Answering Austin Cline
I think Cline has attacked my Thomas Reid argument without saying
where he got the ideas.

Criticism of the Borg Study
a study from Sweden that threatens to disprove my religious experience argument,
except it doesn't apply.

Atheist Propaganda and Religious Experience
Exposing Darren Borwn